• About Us
    RYMSA ESPACIO is part of Tryo Technologies Group (www.tryotechnologies.com), inside the Group's division Tryo Aerospace together with MIER Space Business Unit. Tryo Technologies is an industrial group manufacturer of equipment and systems with its own technology, which operates in the field of professional telecommunications and offers solutions adapted to the needs of operators, manufacturers and system integrators in the areas of Security and Emergency, Transportation, Space, Broadcasting, Air Traffic Control and Defense. Tryo Group has presence in more than 50 countries, has 6 manufacturing centers and about 700 employees.



  • Our Mission
    With a background of 25+ years of experience in the space business, RYMSA ESPACIO is dedicated to the design, manufacture and test of on-board satellite antennas and passive microwave equipment for any space mission, including not only telecom GEO satellites but also LEO satellites for earth observation or military intelligence, MEO satellites for constellations, space exploration missions, vehicles and launchers. The company intends to maintain its leadership in the conception and production of sophisticated technical components to the industry by working in close collaboration with its customers and ensuring that performance specifications are met or surpassed on time and within budget.



  • Our Heritage
    Since the start of this business line in 1985, RYMSA ESPACIO has followed a continuous and solid growth path. Nowadays, RYMSA ESPACIO pieces of hardware are proudly on-board satellites produced by every major satellite manufacturer in the world. More than 430 space missions and 4 launchers rely on more than 3800 produced designs that include, among others, Global Coverage and Beacon Antennas, TT&C Antennas, Feed & OMT Assemblies, Arrays and Customized Arrangements of Antennas, Downlink Antennas, Filters, Diplexers, Triplexers, OMUX, Hybrids, Test and Directional Couplers, Adapters, Customized Network Assemblies, and others.



  • Our Clients
    RYMSA ESPACIO clientele is made up of the most significant and renowned space contractors around the World, including Thales Alenia Space, EADS Astrium, SSL, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and others. The company offers an integrated service to its clients and works together with them to create dedicated designs for each application. Thanks to RYMSA ESPACIO's state-of the art facilities and equipment, the manufacturing and testing of these designs can all be carried out in-house, with customer input at every step of the way. The company is uncompromising in its commitment to delivering the best possible solutions, on time and within budget.



  • Our Expansion Plans
    RYMSA ESPACIO continues to serve the European and American markets and will expand along with current and future developments led both internally and by the European Space Agency and NASA, such as ATV, GALILEO, BEPI COLOMBO, EXOMARS, SOLAR ORBITER, GOES and others.


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